Arabic Belly Dancing Costumes are Beautiful

Belly DancingThe first thing I think of when I think of Belly Dancing is the beautiful belly dancing costumes.  Arabian Belly Dancer costumes are beautiful.  The gold coin belts, the flowing skirts, the scarves all combine to make you feel good before you even start dancing.

Gorgeous Arabian Costumes for Amazing Belly Dance Moves

“…An important aspect of belly dance performance is the perfect dance costumes. When you love the costumes that you are wearing, not only will you mesmerize your audience but also will you feel like a celebrity!.”

This website offers great information and tips if you want to get started.  I hope you enjoy reading this post and looking at the site as much as I did.

If you aren’t sure what Arabic Belly Dancing is, watch the sensational Arabic Belly Dancer Alex Delora

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Find out about Belly Dancing in Eygypt

This is a fascinating article about Belly Dance in Egypt.  From reading about the history, the many types of belly dancing, how much an hour they get paid and so much more.  It's interesting to read so much about how belly dancing is looked at in Egypt. 

I also found this How to Do the Babic Egyptian youtube video for you to look at.  

Belly Dance in Egypt – Daily News Egypt


"Belly dancing is one of the most fascinating styles of dance in Egypt. Cairo is known as the global capital of belly dancing. Following the increasing appearance of foreign belly dancers in Egypt’s nightclubs and casinos, the Daily News Egypt looks at the belly dancing industry in Egypt and learns about the different techniques and styles of belly dancing. Considering the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Egyptian politics, some are concerned that belly dancing might become more restricted in Egypt. Belly dancers, though, have faith that their profession will continue to grow."

What did you think of the article and the video?

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Fat Chance Belly Dance shows Back to the Roots

I found out about Fat Chance Belly Dance whilst looking for videos about Belly Dancing.  Without even knowing what it was about, I loved the name and had to find out more.

I did some research and found out that Fat Chance Belly Dance was created by Carolena Nericcio and is styled as American Tribal Style Belly Dance.

Apparently some people love it because of its style and others don't like it because it's not 'traditional' belly dance.

I enjoyed watching this video and for me, it's about the beauty of the dance.

I hope you enjoy Fat Chance Belly Dance and "Back to the Roots " as much as I did.

"Back to the Roots " : Fat Chance Bellydance


"Back to the roots with Fat Chance Bellydance Toulouse – France – 2012 show " Back To The Roots " with Fat Chance Bellydance and guest: Nadyka Djeynee Zuleika…"

Let me know what you think of Back to the Roots.


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Belly Dancing Workout

Getting fit with Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is not only beautiful to watch, it’s a great way to get fit.  You can usually find someone doing classes in your town and start belly dancing your way to fitness.

It doesn’t matter what shape you are, this is one of the most fun ways to get fit I’ve ever found.

Belly Dance Your Way To Fitness

“…East. Our workshop will be egyptian style this year featuring the legendary Dalana who is an American belly dancer icon.” More information on belly dancing classes:”

Belly Dancing WorkoutThinking of all the ways they recommend you to get fit like walking, the gym, running and more, I prefer Belly Dancing for my workout.

When you want to have fun, be with other women and get fit, I have to recommend a Belly Dancing Workout.


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